Shirahama and other beach around Osaka.

Last month, I took a trip to Nanki Shirahama.
Nanki Shirahama is in Wakayama prefecture, next to Osaka.

There’s nice, relaxing atmosphere and the sea foods are so yummy!
Shirarahama beach is surrounded with white sands,
which is not large but very beautiful!

Other than the beach, there are lots to see.
One of my favorite was Sandan-jiki and its cave. Such a mysterious place.

Sandanbeki Dokutsu cave

Please get more info at the visitors information center in JR station.

JR TRAIN : from JR Tennoji to Shirahama / about 5,000yen / 2hours
HIGHWAY BUS : from JR Osaka or OCAT(Namba) / 2,700yen / 3.5hours
Tourists information

From our hostel, the nearest beach is SUMA.
It is near Kobe. After the beach, you can go around the city.

from JR Osaka to Suma  /  690yen  /  40min
Tourists information (Kobe)

Summer is almost its end and hurry to the beach!



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