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【STAFF DIARY】So In Love With Chuka, Japanese Chinese Cuisine

When you are craving for Chinese food, you might dive in to a Chinatown near you and savor Asian vibes by listening to cooks speaking Chinese to each other, with your mouth full of juicy dumplings…but not me. I don’t think like that.

When I, a normal woman who have never lived outside Japan and raised in Osaka aka the kitchen of Japan, am in a mood of Chinese food (which occurs three times a week), call a couple of my friends and tell them “Let’s go grab Chuka”.

You might say: “Ok I see. Chinese dish is called Chuka in Japanese”. Sir I’m afraid you spoke too soon. Chuka is not Chinese food (for me), but Chinese-influenced Japanese cuisine.

At that kind of Chuka places, chefs are not Chinese most of the times, or perhaps have grandparents from China…either way they add Japanese essence to their dishes so they taste slightly (or sometimes hardly) different from authentic Chinese food.

SO SO SO. Today I’m here to give you some examples of Chuka with the pics I took at my favorite Chuka places.

First thing first, what a Chuka place looks like.
I don’t think it’s good to judge people only on their appearance, but when it comes to choosing where to eat I put high importance on how it looks.

Here’s an example of a perfect Chuka restaurant (for me again):

Yes it was raining.

The word on the bright red sign, ラーメン means ramen, which some people think is trendy (not me).
4 or 5 years ago, a Chinese guest asked me where he could find a good ramen place and I asked him why so many of Chinese guests want to have ramen in Japan, although it is Chinese food. He seemed a little bit confused and kindly told me that they do so because IT IS JAPANESE FOOD and none of them regard it as Chinese food.

Let’s go inside anyways.

Almost all of the time I order Mapo Tofu (Japanese ver). You cannot go wrong with it if you are a big fan of spicy food who sometimes want to pretend to care about your health (because tofu is healthy right?).

I don’t think I’m the healthiest person ever, however, so here is Chashu, roasted pork which totally goes with kirin beer. The juicy oily babe.

Look at these boiled dumplings. I know I should put baked ones called yaki gyoza instead when you talk about Japanese-style Chinese, but I guess lots of you guys already know what they are so forgive me please. If you don’t, well, google to the rescue. I had to post this because they were heavenly.

Sorry but I totally forgot the name of this dish…fried garlic chive or something. All I do remember is that it looked resplendent and made me take a pic of it.

Finally this is…well what is this? I DON’T HAVE ANY CLUE BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELISH. Fried rice covered with whitish blinking thick sauce…it almost killed me. I felt like the lower half of my body was in heaven.

I actually don’t want to (because I don’t want them to be crowed and I hate to wait in line), but if you come stay at HOSTEL 64 Osaka and ask at the reception I will be happy to tell you where I took these photos and then I’m 100% sure I don’t need to explain my predilection. You’ll know.
Although the places are the best so far for me, one won’t do two is not enough for me no and I’m still keep digging Chuka. I’ll keep you updated, maybe or maybe not.

P. S. I also really like REAL Chinese food xoxo


Green Japan!

Green season has come!! Feels so goooood!
I went hiking near by Osaka.
Most beautiful season in the year I feel.
Here is the information about the trail near by Osaka.
Arima Hotspring(Rokko trail)
Kyoto trail and Nara Kasuga forest is also very nice.
Please ask me at the hostel.
And don’t miss the fresh airs!

Midosuji Open Festa!

MIDOSUJI Open Festa is in May 9th!
Jazz, Dance performance, Art and Fashion show will be on stage.
Don’t miss it!
1pm-5pm on MIDOSUJI(from Sinsaibashi to Namba)
Dance,Music,Jazz and Japanese traditional comedy etc.
http://midosuji-openfesta.com/ (Japanese only)

Osaka Visitors' Information Center

It’s pretty cold in Osaka.It’s been unseasonably cold here.
I think it’s difficult to wear Indian saris for party because of this strong wind.
My friend will wear a sari tomorrow,so she will be in trouble.
I’m going to change the subject.
Do you know the Osaka Visitor’s information Center?
You can see it in JR Shin-Osaka Station,JR Osaka Station,
Subway/Nankai Namba Station and JR Tennoji Station.
The center offers you maps written in English,Korean and Chinese.
I got a lot of those,and put them in the hostel64.
But you know,I also recommend you Osaka’s deep&underground Osaka places.
So please come to our hostel,and get information about them.