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【STAFF DIARY】So In Love With Chuka, Japanese Chinese Cuisine

When you are craving for Chinese food, you might dive in to a Chinatown near you and savor Asian vibes by listening to cooks speaking Chinese to each other, with your mouth full of juicy dumplings…but not me. I don’t think like that.

When I, a normal woman who have never lived outside Japan and raised in Osaka aka the kitchen of Japan, am in a mood of Chinese food (which occurs three times a week), call a couple of my friends and tell them “Let’s go grab Chuka”.

You might say: “Ok I see. Chinese dish is called Chuka in Japanese”. Sir I’m afraid you spoke too soon. Chuka is not Chinese food (for me), but Chinese-influenced Japanese cuisine.

At that kind of Chuka places, chefs are not Chinese most of the times, or perhaps have grandparents from China…either way they add Japanese essence to their dishes so they taste slightly (or sometimes hardly) different from authentic Chinese food.

SO SO SO. Today I’m here to give you some examples of Chuka with the pics I took at my favorite Chuka places.

First thing first, what a Chuka place looks like.
I don’t think it’s good to judge people only on their appearance, but when it comes to choosing where to eat I put high importance on how it looks.

Here’s an example of a perfect Chuka restaurant (for me again):

Yes it was raining.

The word on the bright red sign, ラーメン means ramen, which some people think is trendy (not me).
4 or 5 years ago, a Chinese guest asked me where he could find a good ramen place and I asked him why so many of Chinese guests want to have ramen in Japan, although it is Chinese food. He seemed a little bit confused and kindly told me that they do so because IT IS JAPANESE FOOD and none of them regard it as Chinese food.

Let’s go inside anyways.

Almost all of the time I order Mapo Tofu (Japanese ver). You cannot go wrong with it if you are a big fan of spicy food who sometimes want to pretend to care about your health (because tofu is healthy right?).

I don’t think I’m the healthiest person ever, however, so here is Chashu, roasted pork which totally goes with kirin beer. The juicy oily babe.

Look at these boiled dumplings. I know I should put baked ones called yaki gyoza instead when you talk about Japanese-style Chinese, but I guess lots of you guys already know what they are so forgive me please. If you don’t, well, google to the rescue. I had to post this because they were heavenly.

Sorry but I totally forgot the name of this dish…fried garlic chive or something. All I do remember is that it looked resplendent and made me take a pic of it.

Finally this is…well what is this? I DON’T HAVE ANY CLUE BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELISH. Fried rice covered with whitish blinking thick sauce…it almost killed me. I felt like the lower half of my body was in heaven.

I actually don’t want to (because I don’t want them to be crowed and I hate to wait in line), but if you come stay at HOSTEL 64 Osaka and ask at the reception I will be happy to tell you where I took these photos and then I’m 100% sure I don’t need to explain my predilection. You’ll know.
Although the places are the best so far for me, one won’t do two is not enough for me no and I’m still keep digging Chuka. I’ll keep you updated, maybe or maybe not.

P. S. I also really like REAL Chinese food xoxo


【STAFF DIARY】Osaka Castel and Namba







오늘은 난바와 오사카성을 다녀왔어요!












날씨는 쌀쌀했지만 오사카성 천수각 전망대에서 오사카를 한눈에 볼 수 있었어요^^





지하철로 난바로 이동~



















글리코 아저씨!

활기찬 오사카로 여러분도 오세요~^^!



Fushimi Inari-taisha

I’ve been to Kyoto last week !
I was born in Kyoto,
But I spent most of my youth time in Osaka.
So I had never been to the Fushimi Inari-taisha.
That was the first time to look many Torii that is more than 5,000.
I was totally impressed those, and I also felt very strange.
Torii Torii Torii………It’s uninterrupted.
Cool foxes are everywhere.Of course, it’s Inari shrines !
This place was the best place in Kyoto for me !
It takes 1 hour by train to arrival at shrine from our hostel.
Fushimi Inari-taisha will take you into another dimension.
Enjoy it !

Good weather for a walk

It was very nice weather today!
The chance of precipitation was 0 percent.
During 5 days before, the wind was so strong and cold in Osaka.
But yesterday and today were sunny and warm.
I walked to Calo Bookshop & Cafe from our hostel with nice weather yesterday.
The owner of Calo who is Ishikawa Akiko selected books for our hostel.
The place of her is very nice and be able to eat wonderful curry-rice.
I also looked the exhibition of “NEOTAO” at Calo.
2 Japanese girls who never been to Thailand made art works that is imaged Thailand by them.
I really liked them and bought a ZINE with CD and T-shirt of her own making.
The exhibition is until 22nd of May.
Calo Bookshop & Cafe
12:00~20:00(Saturday/~18:00) Shop holiday/every Sunday and Monday.

Local bus will take you to…

Now, it’s a good season for going out!
Although it’s very convenient to go around by subways in Osaka city,
local bus is another to be recommended.
This is because we can get to the nearest bus stop Itachibori 3(san) chome
in a minute from our hostel! So, sometimes much easier than taking
subways and trains. And also we can have a view of the city.
One is forward to Osaka station. you can go straight to Osaka station and
KITA area by bus. If you go to a commercial complex Herbis,
won’t be get lost to find it by bus.
The other is forward south-west, the destination is Tsuru-machi 4(yon)
. To get off at Tsuru-machi 2(ni) chome and walk no more than 10 min.
leads you to IKEA! It might be bit long to take a bus for 30 min., but not bad
to see the real life of the towns on the way.
to Osaka station >>
to Tsuru-machi 4 chome >>
The time schedule is Japanese only…
Please ask at the front desk for the next bus!

Today is Mother's Day!

「On Mother’s Day, International call volume is the highest than on any other day. 」
I found that news on internet. If it is true, I think that is nice.
Wherever we live, even if we live in the same place than our parents, even if we don’t share the same opinions, they allways are in our mind. It is nothing short of a mystery, but anyway true.
I think I’ll call my mom after I finish work tonight. But she might be already sleeping…!

twist into RIKYU shower!

RIKYU shower, it’s the funny name for a shower, isn’t it!?
Have you ever seen this kind of door?
Compared with the Fusuma door on the right hand,
the left one is lower and smaller.
It is called “Nijiri” entrance, which was used for
simple and small tea room by SEN RIKYU, a major figure
in Japan’s historical tea culture.
“nijiri” means twisting your body to come in.
The inside is large enough to take shower with family.
We have these four types of unique shower rooms;
Which one will you take?

Let's join our OKONOMI night!

We’re gonna have OKONOMI party tonight.
You’ll have OKONOMI, a kind of salty pancake
cooked with bits of meat and some veges,
and TAKOYAKI, octopus balls.
Both are typical food in Osaka.
at HOSTEL 64 Osaka >>how to get
from 18:30 –
foods and a drink @ 1,000yen
Join us and have fun in this middle of Golden Week!

Let's go to NARA!

Heijo Palace site is going to be open on Saturday, 24th April!
It is the main venue of the Commemorative Events
for the 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital.
It takes just an hour by train to get to Nara from Hostel 64,
so many of our guests go there. They all said they enjoyed it,
having a relaxed time.
You can take part in the events of the anniversary,
tour the World’s heritage sites, play with japanese deer, and etc.
Hope it’s a sunny day!
Click here for the official website of Nara pref.
This is a reindeer, though:)

Cool Guys!

It has been a month since the Hostel 64 was opened!
We have good memories of the guests from all around Japan and the world even though a month.
When they check out, we hope to see you again and hove a good trip.
This nice guys from Switzerland and Ireland.
So See you again sometime…