Don’t leave here without trying it, please.

You have probably already heard of / eaten this most well-known Osaka soul food called お好み焼き Okonomiyaki (in short term: お好み Okonomi).

You can find this savory pancake almost anywhere in Japan, but we, Osaka natives think we have the best Okonomi here and if you tell us you have visited Osaka but never tried our Okonomi, yes, that is an insult to us.

But of course, I’m not saying any Okonomi places in Osaka are good.  To decide whether the place is good or not, I always use this check list:

1. Is it worth the price?
In my opinion, any Okonomi which costs over 1,000 yen is not Okonomi anymore. It was originally called “Issen Yoshoku”, which means 1 coin food. When I was a destitute student who devoted her school life to working part-time, the cheapest one in my neighborhood was 350 yen and the paper-thin Okonomi saved my life often times.

2. Is it not fancy?
I don’t trust fancy Okonomi restaurants. Likewise, I don’t date with a guy who eats Okonomi with a glass of champagne.
This is what the ideal Okonomi restaurant looks like:

3. Is it served on hot iron plate?
Please don’t serve it on a dish (I insist). It should be hot enough to burn your tongue.

4. Do they cook in front of you? (Or close enough for you to see them cooking?)
It is just fun to see. At some places they let you cook by yourself, but if you ask me, better leave it to a specialist.

5. Is it family-owned?
It is not necessary, but if so it is perfect, for it somehow adds special flavor.

6. Is it good?
Of course.

Here are my 3 favorites which satisfy me and my list:

介 Suke
9 min walk from our hostel. They have not only Okonomiyaki but also multiple kinds of dishes which are perfect with beer.

だん Dan
3 min walk from Glico man, the most famous symbol of Osaka. Opens until 4 am (not pm!) As Parisian eats croissant after a full night of drinking, we crave for ramen, udon, and Okonomi (a thing in common: made of flour!)

だるま Daruma
Near Hanazono cho station. Family owned, cheap, not fancy and in a…unique area.

By writing this blog, I hope I could see less people leaving here without Okonomi experience. Please don’t tell me if you do so. Thank you very much.

This was taken at the first one, Suke. Fluffy af.

HOSTEL 64 Osaka

【STAFF DIARY】So In Love With Chuka, Japanese Chinese Cuisine

When you are craving for Chinese food, you might dive in to a Chinatown near you and savor Asian vibes by listening to cooks speaking Chinese to each other, with your mouth full of juicy dumplings…but not me. I don’t think like that.

When I, a normal woman who have never lived outside Japan and raised in Osaka aka the kitchen of Japan, am in a mood of Chinese food (which occurs three times a week), call a couple of my friends and tell them “Let’s go grab Chuka”.

You might say: “Ok I see. Chinese dish is called Chuka in Japanese”. Sir I’m afraid you spoke too soon. Chuka is not Chinese food (for me), but Chinese-influenced Japanese cuisine.

At that kind of Chuka places, chefs are not Chinese most of the times, or perhaps have grandparents from China…either way they add Japanese essence to their dishes so they taste slightly (or sometimes hardly) different from authentic Chinese food.

SO SO SO. Today I’m here to give you some examples of Chuka with the pics I took at my favorite Chuka places.

First thing first, what a Chuka place looks like.
I don’t think it’s good to judge people only on their appearance, but when it comes to choosing where to eat I put high importance on how it looks.

Here’s an example of a perfect Chuka restaurant (for me again):

Yes it was raining.

The word on the bright red sign, ラーメン means ramen, which some people think is trendy (not me).
4 or 5 years ago, a Chinese guest asked me where he could find a good ramen place and I asked him why so many of Chinese guests want to have ramen in Japan, although it is Chinese food. He seemed a little bit confused and kindly told me that they do so because IT IS JAPANESE FOOD and none of them regard it as Chinese food.

Let’s go inside anyways.

Almost all of the time I order Mapo Tofu (Japanese ver). You cannot go wrong with it if you are a big fan of spicy food who sometimes want to pretend to care about your health (because tofu is healthy right?).

I don’t think I’m the healthiest person ever, however, so here is Chashu, roasted pork which totally goes with kirin beer. The juicy oily babe.

Look at these boiled dumplings. I know I should put baked ones called yaki gyoza instead when you talk about Japanese-style Chinese, but I guess lots of you guys already know what they are so forgive me please. If you don’t, well, google to the rescue. I had to post this because they were heavenly.

Sorry but I totally forgot the name of this dish…fried garlic chive or something. All I do remember is that it looked resplendent and made me take a pic of it.

Finally this is…well what is this? I DON’T HAVE ANY CLUE BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELISH. Fried rice covered with whitish blinking thick sauce…it almost killed me. I felt like the lower half of my body was in heaven.

I actually don’t want to (because I don’t want them to be crowed and I hate to wait in line), but if you come stay at HOSTEL 64 Osaka and ask at the reception I will be happy to tell you where I took these photos and then I’m 100% sure I don’t need to explain my predilection. You’ll know.
Although the places are the best so far for me, one won’t do two is not enough for me no and I’m still keep digging Chuka. I’ll keep you updated, maybe or maybe not.

P. S. I also really like REAL Chinese food xoxo


ロクヨンカレー部ログ 第1回目















Let’s have Kobe beef in Kobe!

Kobe is fairly close from Osaka.
You’ll get to the city centre in an hour from our hostel.

Many of our guests take a day trip there and
we are often asked this question: Where can we eat Kobe beef?
Wow! Such a tough question. There’re lots of local people who haven’t had it!
So I did some reserch and found a few places look nice.
*The price is for a course with 150g of beef exept for Robata and Izakaya style.

char grilled kobe beef (c) Itoh Grill

Budget and easy going
Lunch:about 3,000yen – , Dinner:6,000yen –

long establised
authentic steak restaurant since 1885 / about10,000yen –

http://www.mouriya.co.jp/indexp.html *international customer friendly

Robata-yaki style

cooked on grill in front of you / course including Kobe beef: about 7,000yen –


Izakaya dining style
For tasting : a dish of Kobe beef steak for about 2,000yen-

I will choose it
Lunch:about 5,000yen – , Dinner: about 10,000yen –

*added on 20th February / O-san, arigato gozaimasu 😉
I’ll take this!

Also you must try AKASHIYAKI there, a kind of TAKOYAKI (Octopus ball).

from tabelog

This is my favourite.

Say Ichi-nin-mae for 10 pieces.
It’s located along the shopping arcade
from Motomachi to Sannomiya.

TACHIBANA shop card  kawai <3

Please tell us your favourite Kobe beef restauran!


What do you eat in Osaka ?

Me and Yoko visited to Seoul, Korea last week.
One of the intentions of this trip is to eat local foods.
And we could eat a lot of delicious Korean foods with the help of Korean friends. 매우 맛있었어요. 고맙다.

Here is my favorite…. (don’t know name.)

In Osaka,
We have a lot of good local foods, too! Check the web sites below,

My favorites are Kitsune-Udon and Okonomiyaki with long green onion.
Kushikatsu with beer in Shinsekai is very relaxing.
Takoyaki is a just snack like a Tteokbokki -떡볶이- in Korea.

We do assure of Osaka foods’ taste =^ o ^=


What to eat in Osaka (2) — Yakiniku, Udon noodle, Yoshoku

After enjoying the basics of Osakan foods, let’s rock to the next stage.

If you feel like to try another dish, having had enough okonomi, takoyaki
and kushikatsu, there are still some you’d better to taste in Osaka.

It is difficult to explain, so please see the picture below.
It is grilled beef and pork, and we enjoy cooking it by ourselves.

It is sometimes called as Korean BBQ, so if you try Yakiniku in Osaka, 
please go to Tsuruhashi area, which is known as a Korean town.
There are many choices for this Udon noodle.
Osakan udon is comparatively soft and smooth noodles in soup made from 
seaweed and bonito flakes. Sanuki udon’s noodle is thicker and more chewy. 
Sometimes in soup, and sometimes sprinkle with soy sauce.
Haikara Udon at the nearest Udon restaurant 
This is Western dishes arranged for Japanese, like curry and rice, croquettes, 
hamburger steak, rice omelet and so on. To make distinguish those from 
authentic western cuisine, we call them Yoshoku. 
Because it became popular in early Showa period, many Yoshoku restaurants
have retro and, at the same time, ritzy flavor in a way. In Osaka, there are 
many famous Yoshoku restaurants. 
There are lots you must try to eat in Osaka! If you are a foodie, this is a place for you.

What to eat in Osaka (1) –Okonomi, Takoyaki, Kushikatsu

Food is one of the most important things in traveling,
especially here in Osaka.
Osaka is called Kuidaore town ; Kui = eat, Daore = fall down.
You’ll know the meaning once you come here.

Here are some local foods that you must try in Osaka.

This is like a pancake, but not sweet. It contains chopped cabbage
and usually pork or seafood, and special sauce is put on it.
It is served on  a cast-iron plate just in front of you so that you can
always enjoy the hot hot Okonomi.
options: Modern-yaki (with fried noodle within Okonomi), Negi-yaki (green onions take place in cabbage and soy sauce is put on)

Octopus ball is its English name. It is a small ball made with flour and
boiled octopus is inside of it. Served with Special sauce and some Japanese flavor on.
Go to Dotonbori area, and you’ll find many stalls that sell Takoyaki.

A stick of bite-sized meats, veges and anything, deep-fried in batter.
Put it in a pod of sauce in front of you, here DON’T put it twice in the
sauce as it is shared with other customers.
For Kushikatsu, the best place is Shinsekai area.

With a bottle of beer and one of these, it’s not too much to call it a great day.


Kick the Hot Summer, Drink Beer!

The hot summer temperature record over 35 degrees Celsius topped 14 days in a row.
We are melting~
So Should have lots of beers to wet our whistle.

Here the list of good Bars(these are just where I want to go.)
If you find any exciting picture, please ask front staff

MINOH BEER  http://www.minoh-beer.jp/direct-shops/edobori.html 
NAKANO BAR  http://www.12g-selection.com/Nakano_Bar.html

SENSUIKAN BAR http://d.hatena.ne.jp/pun/20080626/p1
(The most hidden place bar in Osaka we are searching where it is)

Also We have a bar in the Hostel 64 Osaka.
Friday, Saturday opens until 1am! Let’s have a drink!