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【STAFF DIARY】Osaka Castel and Namba







오늘은 난바와 오사카성을 다녀왔어요!












날씨는 쌀쌀했지만 오사카성 천수각 전망대에서 오사카를 한눈에 볼 수 있었어요^^





지하철로 난바로 이동~



















글리코 아저씨!

활기찬 오사카로 여러분도 오세요~^^!



【STAFF DIARY】Kinosaki onsen / 城崎温泉一泊旅行

I went on an overnight trip to Kinosaki onsen (hot-spring), where 2hours 45min from Osaka by train.

Lots of snow there but it’s a sunny day and we enjoyed strolling the retro and nostalgic town!

(You can enjoy hopping public hot springs from one to another, sometimes for free with a pass offered by hotels and ryokans.)







After getting relaxed in a hot spring, had a big dinner of crabs, crabs and crabs!








Next day, visited the aquarium nearby. Not only my children but also I were so exited with the walruses, huge but such an adorable creature!





(they never stop! couldn’t take a photo!)

And the scenery of Japan sea from the aquarium is worth enough to see.

Highly recommended to all those who want to take a trip to a hot spring around Osaka.

By JR west Ltd. Express Kounotori forward Kinosaki Onsen


* * *






HOSTEL 64 Osaka

ロクヨンカレー部ログ 第1回目















introduce new hostel staff

Hi, my name is Ryosuke, a new front staff of HOSTEL64 Osaka.

I was Born and grew up in Osaka,Sakai City.

I like travelling, playing soccer,listening music,
and  hiking.

Now,the foliage season has arrived again in Japan.
This year’s season will be from mid October to early December in the Kansai area.

I’d like to introduce  many spots to see autumn leaves
and you can get those places unless an hour from HOSTEL 64 Osaka.

I’m looking forward to see you here,HOSTEL 64 Osaka!!


Gallery Hopping Osaka!

My gallery hopping started in Sakyo- Ku, Kyoto. Naomi-chan gave me a tip that Nakamura Akihiro’s Exhibition was going to be held at Café Printz, Sakyo-Ku. So I decided to check his new work with a lot of expectation 🙂

Nakamura san came back from NY trip this early spring. His experience in abroad must be positively affected to his new works. Very powerful! ( Some of you might know but I need to confess that was not Osaka. Sumimasen. )

Then, few days after, I met a young cute japanese illustrator Pepe.Y at hostel 64. She had stayed with us for a while. 
Pepe-chan has been attracted by printings, letters and paper materials. And the passion lead her to Berlin for craving some special printing techniques (Sorry for my blurry explanation. I am not good enough to describe every detail! Frustrating. ) 
Luckily, She said her Exhibition was just going to start on a day after. So, I was there.

She did a live painting demonstration.
You can check her works till 24th July at Prideli Graphic Lab in shinsaibashi.
And the same day that I met Pepe.Y, I had a chance to talk to Mr, H at our lounge, and knew He does his exhibition “Paper & Mockup” too. Well, I thought I needed to be there definitely!!

It was held at “Graf Fudo” ,2nd floor of the graf bldg. “Graf fudo” is generally running as a café but they have some space for exhibit.

This “Paper & Mockup” is about the material & models. Focus on the material and model of published books. You can see some collection of mockups of book-models (without printing) from some known publishers. So you might find a white model of your favorite book. The exhibition is finishing on 17thJune.

Graf is in Nakanoshima, 20~30min walk from hostel64, there is near Kokuritsu kokusai museum. This building has 3 floors, you can buy graf’s original products and lots of plants on 1st floor, and eat at Graf fudo 2nd floor, then developing new furniture on the 3rdfloor would be nice way to live like edgy Osaka people.
Gallery printz.
Prideli Graphic Lab.

( j )

introduce new hostel staff

Hi, my name is Junco, a new front staff of HOSTEL64 Osaka.
I have been under the training since this January.

I am from Ibaraki city, is north side of Osaka. You can get there in 30 minutes by subway/bus→JR line  from hostel64
It is quiet city and easy access to Expo’70 com-memorial park and the Expo’70 stadium, is the home ground of “GumbaOsaka”, a local soccer team. Expo park has a very beautiful japanese yard and has flea market sometimes, also the stadium is where you can feel Osaka football fan’s enthusiasms. I think both are worth to visit! 



Through this new experience, I start to know more about fascinating Osaka. 

I help you as much as I can to make your Osaka stay wonderful.


2days trip to Hakata, Fukuoka —lots of yummy there!

I made a trip to Fukuoka last weekend.

First of all, I was surprised that it takes only 2 and half hours
to get to Hakata from Shin-Osaka by Sanyo Shinkansen, the bullet train.

If you ever have a chance to go to Hakata,
must go to Tenjin and Nakasu area to experience Yatai, the food stalls.

Along streets and rivers, you’ll find many mobile stalls side by side, all filled with customers.

Yummy, friendly and good price!

Please have Tonkotsu Ramen after drink.

Next day, I visited Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine, which is located
just half an hour away by train from Tenjin station. It is really beautiful.
Again it is about food, but please try its specialtity Umegae-mochi.

It was momentary but i enjoyed it alot and happy to have many yummy dishes!

Hakata tourists’ information

Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine

JR West

JR Kyusyu  *just launched this spring


What do you eat in Osaka ?

Me and Yoko visited to Seoul, Korea last week.
One of the intentions of this trip is to eat local foods.
And we could eat a lot of delicious Korean foods with the help of Korean friends. 매우 맛있었어요. 고맙다.

Here is my favorite…. (don’t know name.)

In Osaka,
We have a lot of good local foods, too! Check the web sites below,

My favorites are Kitsune-Udon and Okonomiyaki with long green onion.
Kushikatsu with beer in Shinsekai is very relaxing.
Takoyaki is a just snack like a Tteokbokki -떡볶이- in Korea.

We do assure of Osaka foods’ taste =^ o ^=


Arigato from Tohoku!! (Yoko’s Miyagi report.)

The Tsunami hit Tohoku on 11 March.
Many tourists were stucked in Japan, our guests weren't the exception. . .
They were hanging around the lobby most of the times didn't know what to do. 
This might be the reason we hung a piece of white linen sheet up outside by the front door, started asking people to write their messages to people in Tohoku.
Another few month went by, the sheet got full of warm thoughts in many different languages.
"hang in there." 
"we are always with you"

That was about to cheer the victims up, but perhaps also worked on ourselves too.

So I decided to go and visit them with my three good friends and our sheet,
all got in a tiny old ban and took us about a day to get to Shizugawa Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi prefecture.
Now, It's on the wall of school hall of Shizugawa high-school where the victims live.

When I translated those
English messages,
They made deep nods. 

They talked little but had 
gentle smiles.
I wish I could read other languages too but, I am sure their heart can read any languages.

During our visit I had been given thousand of words "Arigato".
But I should thank them millions of times for the smiles and huge power they gave me.

And I just would like to say that Arigato to you for coming all the way to Japn. 

About 90000 people are still evacuating as moved to other prefectures, living in school halls, hotels , public halls, temporary houses, with radiation concerns..
I haven’t managed to get best way to support them..
But maybe, to remember them is always you can do and anywhere you are.

Pray for Tohoku.

After I wrote this blog, end of August.
All the people in Shizugawa high-school hall moved to temporary houses.
I'm going to see them again.


Season of hydrangea flower

Rainy day season has come, but it is beautiful to see the hydrangea flower in the rain.

Hydrangea is a genus of about 70 to 75 species of flowering plants native to southern and eastern Asia. By far the greatest species diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China, Japan, and Korea. Most are shrubs 1 to 3 meters tall.

I found some of the flower near the HOSTEL 64 Osaka and One of my favorite kind is called Hydrangea macrophylla in scientific name.

Some of the temple in Nara or Kamakura has beautiful garden with hydrangea or Lilly or iris. 
・Kamakura Hasedera http://www.hasedera.jp/index2.html (English available)
・Nara Hasedera  http://www.hasedera.or.jp/ (Japanese only)
・Nara Yatadera http://www.yatadera.or.jp/(Near Horyuji temple Japanese only)

Worth while to visit those temples.