【STAFF DIARY】Kinosaki onsen / 城崎温泉一泊旅行

I went on an overnight trip to Kinosaki onsen (hot-spring), where 2hours 45min from Osaka by train.

Lots of snow there but it’s a sunny day and we enjoyed strolling the retro and nostalgic town!

(You can enjoy hopping public hot springs from one to another, sometimes for free with a pass offered by hotels and ryokans.)







After getting relaxed in a hot spring, had a big dinner of crabs, crabs and crabs!








Next day, visited the aquarium nearby. Not only my children but also I were so exited with the walruses, huge but such an adorable creature!





(they never stop! couldn’t take a photo!)

And the scenery of Japan sea from the aquarium is worth enough to see.

Highly recommended to all those who want to take a trip to a hot spring around Osaka.

By JR west Ltd. Express Kounotori forward Kinosaki Onsen


* * *






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