Bicycle Heaven!自転車天国キャンペーンやってます!


bicicleh:::::::::::BICYCLE HEAVEN ! 自転車天国キャンペーン:::::::::::

半日600円、夜400円、1日1,000円 ⇒ 200円/1日 11月末まで


utsubopark bike

BICYCLE HEAVEN! Rental bicycle discount is going on at HOSTEL 64 Osaka.

half day 600yen、evening400yen、one day1,000yen ⇒ 200yen/day (-8:00am next morning)                                                           

*until the end of November 2014  *hostel guest only

Bike is the best way going about the city in this nice weather. Don’t be bothered with a crowds for autumn leaves, but just go through the park, ride along the river and find leaves beautifully colored!

HOSTEL 64 Osaka