New LCC between Osaka and Tokyo launched this summer!

The article about LCC has already been posted on this blog.
>>> POST Travel Asia with LCC take off from Osaka!

But this time I feel the need to write another article about LCC
as the big news comes in.

JETSTAR has announced that the domestic routes in Japan 
would be launched on 3rd July 2012, which includes the route
between Osaka and Tokyo!!!

from the top> Sapporo, Tokyo(Narita), Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa

The cheapest price from Osaka to Tokyo is 3,990yen by JETSTAR.
Peach Aviation has already served the courses between
Osaka and some cities in Japan.

Some might decide not to get JR PASS, or some might
have failed to do that in advance..

But, taking LCC is another option for traveling around Japan
more economically.

Have a happy flight 🙂

*Peach Aviation

HOSTEL 64 Osaka


//NEW//Another Music Place!

I guess some of you known well about Osaka already have heard about  the club situation here, like (n)-chan wrote on the previous article.
Some of you feels sad 🙁 and some of you thinks its okay 🙂

Now another good news for sad ones.
the new music place is opening today in umeda!

Umeda club Quattro

This club quattro had been in Shinsaibashi untill few years ago.
I remember I went to see some indie bands when I was highschool.

Now It moved to Umeda and start the new history as a young icon.
Please check time schedule and ask a stafff if you need any help!!


Umeda club Quattro

10F PlazaUmeda,
8-17 Taiyuuji cho, Kita-ku,
Osaka city, Osaka.


//NEW// Music Places

Now, dance clubs in Osaka have to stop music for dancing at 1am because of the crackdown. Clubs can carry on business as a bar after 1am, but have to stop dance music by then anyway.
It made us little bit sad.

Still some new music places opened lately. I introduce those in this time.


FIRE! Japan tour 2012 with Jim O’Rourke
8th MAY. 2012            etc…
These 2 places are near by Shinsaibashi station.
It’s 20-30 minutes walk, or 2 stops by subway from our hostel!